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For information: contact Richard Andrew King at 949-598-0152; rich @ RichardKing.net

Martial Arts Services Our services include private and group instruction, self-defense workshops for kids and adults, tailor-made programs, weapons training, weapons disarm, etc. Services flyer
In-Home/Office Personal Training Would you prefer martial art training, fitness and conditioning in your home or office for yourself or your family? This program is perfect for your schedule. We come to you by appointment. Check out our Power Defense 5 System PD5 flyer
Company Programs Self-defense workshops or programs tailor-made for your company, organization, school or group at your facility. Check out our Power Defense 5 System PD5 flyer
FCS Program If you're investing time, effort and funds to get in shape, why not get in great shape AND acquire powerful martial art skills that can protect your life and the lives of those you love and therefore get more for your time, effort and funds? This makes total sense, right? Our Fitness, Conditioning & Skills program is designed to do just this - get you in great shape while empowering you with awesome self-defense skills! FCS flyer
Speaking Engagements Speaking themes include life principles for success, discipline, self-responsibility, character, abstention from alcohol and drugs, etc. Appropriate for teens and adults. Speech flyer

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