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KING'S KARATE mission: to create excellence and perfection in martial arts and life via our programs, products, services and videos. We embody traditional values of ethical behavior, honesty, respect, discipline, self-control, patience, determination, self-responsibility and accountability.

RICHARD ANDREW KING - Grandmaster: The Karate Institute of America
Mr. King began his martial art studies in the Spring of 1968 with the Tracy Brothers' Kenpo Karate organization in northern California, training with them for five years. Upon being transferred to southern California, he transferred to the Ed Parker Kenpo Karate system and received his first degree black belt from Bob Perry, a first generation Parker black belt. Thus, King is a second generation Ed Parker black belt. In addition to being Grandmaster of his own system, he also holds a 5th degree Kenpo Black Belt rating.

Richard King's competitive career includes fifty-three championships at the Black Belt level in open competition, six All-Around Grand Championships (weapons - forms - fighting), a national #1 regional ranking in 1989 and 1993. His students have garnered four United States National Championships on the NASKA circuit, as well as amassing over three hundred first place victories in the Karate Institute's career.

Richard Andrew King has a BA in English and a Lifetime Standard Secondary Teaching Credential from San Jose State University. He is author of The Black Belt Book of Life: Secrets of a Martial Arts Master, available at Amazon.com.

The Karate Institute of America & the Kiado-Ryu Martial Arts System
In 1979, King founded the Karate Institute of America (KIA) in Mission Viejo, California and developed the Kiado-Ryu system of martial arts. He has taught professionally since then, serving thousands of men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds. Currently the KIA has sixty-four Black Belts. The average time to achieve this esteemed rank is six years.

Mr. King has received high praise from many of his students. Read Martial Arts Endorsements.The women's self-defense workshops offered by Mr. King have also been extremely well received. To discover what has been said, read Women's Workshop Testimonials.

Kiado-Ryu is the trademarked name of that martial art style exclusive to the Karate Institute of America. Kiado-Ryu means, "Family of the KIA (Karate Institute of America) way."

Kiado-Ryu is a complete martial art system focusing on basic karate skills and techniques, fighting (free-form, street and tournament), forms (kata), self-defense technique, weapons training, extemporaneous combat and character development. Its regimen is intended to be challenging as well as complete, testing the individual to his or her most distant limits physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

The code of Kiado-Ryu is: "Expressed excellence in character and skill." It should be noted that character precedes skill. Students are expected to master the character traits of dignity, respect, discipline, control and humility in the course of their Black Belt training.

The roots of the Kiado-Ryu system rest in the ancient Chinese style of Kenpo karate. Mr. King began his formal martial arts training in 1968 and is well-versed in both the Tracy and Parker systems. A Fifth Degree Kenpo Black Belt, King founded the Karate Institute of America in Orange County in 1979 and began developing his own unique style. That style has come to be known as Kiado-Ryu.

The Kiado-Ryu system is divided into undergraduate (pre Black Belt) and graduate programs (post Black Belt). There are eight levels in the undergraduate program: White, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, 1st Brown, 2nd Brown, 3rd Brown and ten levels in the Black Belt graduate curriculum. The average time for an adult to achieve a Black Belt ranking is six years.

The standards of the Kiado-Ryu system are exemplary, arduous, difficult but fair, demanding a high level of desire, persistence, determination, dedication, concentration, commitment, courage and skill.

The Kiado-Ryu is a brotherhood in the truest sense of the word. Its Black Belts come from all walks of life and are dignified, accomplished, respectful, powerful, confident and generous human beings, always available to help and encourage others, especially those following in their footsteps and continuing to expand the legacy that is the Kiado-Ryu.

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