The Illusion of Jockdom – Recipe for Death

Having muscles is a good thing. Being a jock, an athletic stud on campus or in the neighborhood can be an ego booster. However, thinking muscles alone will save you or your loved ones in a self-defense engagement is a recipe for injury, even death. Therefore, be wise and avoid the egocentric trap of the Illusion of Jockdom.

The Illusion of Jockdom is an erroneous belief that muscle power is omnipotent in a self-defense, competitive or hostile engagement. A concept often held and promoted by naïve, self-absorbed, testosterone-laden, and clueless young men devoid of any understanding of combat, battle or war, the Illusion of Jockdom usually afflicts men in their teens, twenties and thirties, but it can affect anyone of any age. Sadly, The Illusion of Jockdom is a recipe for injury, even death.

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