Most Daring – Insanity

From a need-to-know-self-defense perspective, you might find it beneficial to check out the series “Most Daring” on TruTV. The insanity of some people-men and women-depicted in this series is incredible. Also of note is how fast a situation can turn ugly, even lethal. It doesn’t matter if a person is a bystander or not.

You might also want to take notice of the lack of skills in many of the people involved in the situations and how a calm, well-trained, disciplined and skilled individual would have a definite advantage. We live is a crazy, tension-filled, potentially explosive world in which socially volcanic eruptions can occur at any time, any where, and where having self-defense skills and knowledge is a definite and true advantage.

One major tip: The #1 self-defense security is “distance.” Notice in the video situations how people, even cops, violate it. To be safe, when possible, always keep at least a two-to-three arm distance between you and a potential assailant. This will give you time to react if attacked.

Second major tip: Notice how alcohol creates so many ugly and dangerous situations in these videos. Suggestion: stay away from places where alcohol is flowing abundantly, especially you young people who are not as wise or experienced in the world as your parents. Too, as we know, the reasonable warning is “Don’t drink and drive.” From a self-defense, well-being point of view, our King’s Karate philosophy suggests we create our own distance from alcohol and the problems it creates by simply not consuming it in the first place.

Yours in the Arts,

Richard Andrew King

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