Death by Jockdom – 5 Ways to Avoidable Tragedy

Athletes are part of life. Most of us in an athletic field or profession, regardless of our discipline, are often referred to as jocks. Fair enough. However, although jocks can be nice guys and contribute to the well-being of society, there is a time when discretion and common sense dictate withdrawal from a potentially violent situation. Instincts play a part, as do circumstances. But let’s be clear-simply being a great athlete, weight lifter, buffed out football player, hockey player or any configuration of the same-does not guarantee one’s safety in a self-defense situation. Retreat is a viable military tactic, and knowing when to retreat and create distance between you and a potentially destructive or lethal situation is vital to staying healthy or even staying alive. One may be right in an argument, but he may also be dead right, and that’s the crux of the problem.

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